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Our dedicated group of engineers have years of experience in waterside and air side applications.  We know that consulting engineers’ time is very valuable and always make it a priority to attain correct information and selections in a timely manner.  We can also assist in schematic design comparisons of various applications and life cycle cost analysis.  With the most advanced product and application knowledge and training, we understand the importance of make proper equipment selections for various applications.


Newton-Metallo LLC is a leading HVAC manufacturers’ representative firm and understands the importance of developing long term relationships and partnerships with our prospective customers.  Our products are the highest quality available and are offered at the most competitive prices in our industry.  It is very important for us to provide top customer service and prompt response time for all of our contractors in our community.  We are dedicated to making your projects go as smooth as possible, from proposals, submittal generation, production scheduling, delivery, installation and not to mention startup and warranty support.


Newton-Metallo LLC can assist in a thorough inspection of existing equipment that may or may not need to be replaced.   Our experience of product knowledge extends into the field here as we can offer assistance and recommendations for owners that are looking to upgrade or replace their current heating ventilating and air conditioning products.


Newton-Metallo LLC can assist with all replacements parts for all of our HVAC Manufacturing Lines.  Prompt service and quick response quotations will make servicing and repairing existing units much more effective.