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Innovent Air Source Heat Pumps – selected by building designers and owners

Electrification without compromise. With today’s market desire to eliminate carbon emissions, the Innovent Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) refrigeration leads the way in the custom world.

A highly efficient air source heat pump refrigeration system that provides all-electric heating down to 0 °F ambient with the unit customization capability you expect from Innovent!

  • Standard variable speed compressors provide accurate capacity control, efficient part-load operation, and excellent defrost control.
  • Heating down to 0 °F as the lower ambient heating operation allows for more annual hours of operation at high efficiency.
  • Full unit customization as the ASHP refrigeration option is available with Innovent’s full suite of customization options, from energy recovery methods to unit layout to construction materials.

Innovent’s custom ASHP offering pairs well with high-outdoor air DOAS ventilators with integral air-to-air energy recovery.

Low-outdoor-air packaged rooftops can be customized with Innovent’s ASHP system for use in a wide range of comfort cooling/heating applications.

Innovent understands that electrification is an important topic and that many building designers are opting for HVAC systems with Air Source Heat Pumps.

Fortunately, Innovent has the necessary expertise in this area, and has recently added a new web page dedicated to Air Source Heat Pump Applications Expertise. 

Check it out!

  • Provides high amounts of sensible and latent energy recovery through a rotating wheel
  • Ideal for applications with large amounts of outdoor air
  • Low cross-contamination
  • Minimal maintenance due to no moving parts

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Flat plate heat exchangers provide sensible-only energy recovery
Ultra-low cross-contamination
No moving parts keeps maintenance low

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Author: Newton Metallo

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