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Hackensack University Medical Center

10,000 ton condenser water plant – BAC Series 3000 units

Robbinsville School System

Energy recovery rooftop units

Hampton Inn

100% outside air unit

Drew University – Madison Campus

100% OA LAB units

Lakehurst Naval base – Laser Lab

Tight humidification control

Surgical Suite – Clifton

Package unit with HEPA filtration, hot water heat

Merk K19 – Cooling Towers

Series 3000 cooling towers

290 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Low Profile cooling tower replacement

Woodbridge High School Auditorium

Energy recovery rooftop units

Felician College

Make up air roof top units

Roche Diagnostics

custom air handling unit

Princeton Café

Knocked down packaged indoor DX unit

Marshall Street School

Cooling tower and chemical free water treatment

Copper Hill School

Energy recovery rooftop units

15 Washington Street

Cooling tower, heat exchanger and water filtration


Cooling towers