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West Caldwell RTUs

A RTU Clean Sweep

The Essex County School District is a high performing college-preparatory education program with campuses located in Newark, NJ its surrounding townships. One such campus is a large multi-room building offering secondary level education to students located in West Caldwell, NJ. In 2019, West Caldwell facility managers needed all RTU and RMAU packages replaced, had an eye on IAQ safety, and were receptive to energy reducing upgrades. Newton-Metallo’s awareness of school infrastructure operations is due to extensive experience with school HVAC projects. School projects are characterized by multiple rooms, outside air requirements, and a need for high efficiency. The Essex County project required a compliment of variously sized replacement models each with components and configurations suited to assorted zones.

Featuring Valent Air Systems

Newton-Metallo often provides RTU and RMAU units with energy recovery options which offer significant energy savings through the manufacturer Valent Air Systems. As specialists in energy recovery this Minneapolis, MN manufacturer has been constructing quality configurable packaged  HVAC air equipment since 2006.

Energy In, Energy Out

Energy savings is often associated with VFD’s, compressor modulation, and DDC controlling schemes aimed at minimizing electrical energy input to condition a space. Furthermore, when fresh outside air is being injected into a space with equal amount of exhausted air, a unique opportunity exists. Air to air energy recovery is available to recover heat or cold air energy from exhaust. This feature is known as energy recovery and Valent air systems products can be equipped. In summer months, fresh/warm incoming air will be pre-cooled and dehumidified in exchange with cold exhaust air – adding low humidity comfort and scavenging cooling capacity from waste air. Conversely, in winter months, incoming air will be pre-warmed and humidified in exchange with warm exhaust air – providing much needed humidity to the heated air flow recovering room heat otherwise lost. The Newton-Metallo team applied energy recovery to the West Caldwell project in two forms: an air-to-air semi-permeable heat exchanger technology known as an enthalpic core, and a rotating desiccant module known as an enthalpy wheel. An enthalpic heat exchanger core allows the exchange of sensible energy and moisture transmission without mixing or contaminating air streams. During peak operating conditions, enthalpic cores recover 50 to 60 percent exhaust energy. Fumes from the school’s labs required heat exchangers installed in the air handlers dedicated to their spaces to achieve heat recovery without cross-contamination. Like an enthalpic heat exchanger core, an enthalpy wheel provides latent and sensible heat transfer but at an increased efficiency up to 70 percent using a mechanically rotated wheel module of gel silica desiccant. A dry desiccant enthalpy wheel is employed if more humidity and energy capacity must be recovered, but cross-contamination isn’t a concern. Units with heat wheels were installed in the remaining units where exhaust air is not contaminated.

Safely Neutralizing COVID-19

The Newton-Metallo teams’ experience in applying IAQ solutions to the HVAC industry includes the application of bipolar ionization technologies. Nine Aerisa AerBar ionizer kits were applied to Valent Energy recovery units for the project. Aerisa bipolar ionizers are validated by UL 2998, assuring zero harmful ozone emissions.

Attention to Detail with Diverse Equipment Selections

In total, twenty-seven packaged RTU’s in various configurations were installed for Essex County replacement project. Newton-Metallo coordinated clear submittal drawings and customer approval of the diverse bill of material. Newton-Metallo continues to ensure installation and customer expectation are aligned. Regardless of complexity, diversity, or quantity of equipment, we maintain a clear process and great customer experience during the project regardless of how large or complicated.
Piscataway, NJ Towers

A 300,000 Square-Foot IT Support Warehouse

SHI International provides commercial computer infrastruct ure components and equipment deployment logistic services to the commercial Internet Technologies industry. This fast-growing company commissioned the detailed design of their brand-new Knox Warehouse and Integration facility in late 2018, located in the Piscataway Township in New Jersey. The 300,000 square-foot facility was planned to feature a circulated chilled water HVAC system with two 600 Ton water-cooled chillers cooled by roof mounted cooling towers.

Engineer Driven Design

Newton-Metallo supports engineering firms in the pre-design process. Pre-engineered plan and specified projects require manufacturer’s technical information, written equipment specifications, budget costing, and recommendations. Newton-Metallo aligns with specifying engineers intending to specify high-quality HVAC equipment. Newton Metallo worked with the engineer to specify two 1,655 GPM BAC 3000 series cooling towers for the SHI Knox project. Armed with in-depth product knowledge, Newton-Metallo’s team examined necessary on-site conditions and restrictions and maintained flexibility to meet or exceed specific design criteria. As is typical and welcome to all specifying design efforts, review of multiple product options and design criteria was required to provide the best solution for the project.

80 Years of HVAC Experience and Specialization

For more than 80 years, BAC out of Baltimore, MD has been leading the HVAC industry in cooling tower solutions. As a thought leader in manufacturing, BAC is often first to market with innovations to increase  reliability, efficiency, or ease of maintenance. The SHI International project proved again that quality and durability of BAC cooling tower products is key to Newton-Metallo’s continuing tower project success.

BAC 3000 Series Cooling Towers are Still “Built Like They Used To”

The primary demand from the customer was durable construction and the BAC 3000 series with the Evertough Construction cross flow style tower has it. Newton-Metallo selected the use of BAC’s exclusive Evertough protective system to enhance corrosion resistance to the 3000 series tower. Evertough is a smart stainless-steel alternative combining three innovations which results in a corrosion resistant build for less cost than stainless steel. Evertough enhanced cooling towers boast a manufacturer backed the comprehensive 5-year “Lover-to-Louver” warranty. At the heart of the Evertough system is BAC’s Triarmor fused multi-layer cold-water basin treatment and 5-year basin leak and corrosion warranty. Protecting the hardest working part of the cooling tower, the thick protective coating is a thermosetting hybrid polymer electrostatically applied to G235 mill galvanized basin surfaces and structural members in a four-step bonding process with twenty-three points of quality control. Protruded fiber reinforced polyester (PFRP) materials make up Evertough hot water basins, panels, and louvers. Lightweight PFRP will not corrode and has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemical and atmospheric contaminants. Evertough structural steel components are constructed from G-235 hot-dip galvanized steel protected by a thermosetting hybrid polymer.

Our Experience Matters

After specification and design efforts were complete, Newton-Metallo provided smooth continuation of installation support.As equipment specialists in the HVAC industry, we are prepared to provide quality engineering support to specifying engineers. Our team’s experience will guide equipment selection toward a targeted solution by leveraging the long-standing experience of Newton-Metallo and our manufacturing specialties.
St. Claire’s Hospital

A Need for Upgraded Infrastructure in Healthcare

St. Claire’s Health is an award-winning provider of high-quality health care, serving the communities of the Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties of New Jersey. The St. Claire’s Health care complex in Dover New Jersey offers full hospitalization, surgical, and intensive care. At the heart of the hospital’s indoor air quality is an aging packaged, rooftop make-up air unit, and the hospital’s single source of filtered and conditioned fresh air for the complex.

Custom Critical Installation Requires Surgical Precision

The Newton-Metallo team often serves the healthcare industry and understands the specific demands of hospital projects. Healthcare is a 24/7 industry with demand for low energy usage and impeccable reliability. Hospital projects frequently occur with critical and condensed installation expectations. The project at St. Claire’s Hospital had these potential challenges compounded by the existence of only a single RMAU. Newton-Metallo’s coordination with the consulting engineer assured an accurate site survey and submittal approval for the replacement. High expectations for minimum downtime required accurate regard for unit size and shape. The supply duct connections and electrical service locations were matched with ‘surgical precision’ resulting in a quick and direct installation process.

Bespoke Design, Reliability, and Precise Control

The Newton-Metallo team and the mechanical contractor provided and installed a custom 100% outside air solution from Innovent Air Handling Equipment. Innovent is a built-to-order manufacturer of custom, cost-effective, and long-lasting outdoor air systems manufactured in Minneapolis, MN or McClellan Park, CA. The Innovent custom C-series air system permits unlimited flexibility of design. The 23,300 CFM, 150 Ton packaged air system shipped complete with air-cooled condensing, heating, cooling, fan array, and filtration sections integrated into a single 36 foot fully welded steel base. Providing heating control and coil protection, the unit came with an integral face and bypass steam coil. Air temperature is controlled by the modulating coil dampers while full steam pressure is maintained in the coil at all times. Meeting the indoor air quality needs of the hospital, Merv 13, twelve-inch, front-loading, final filters completed the unit. The C-series unit was customized with ultra-quiet condenser fan modules reducing unwanted outdoor noise. Four twin banks of reliable hermetic digital scroll compressors, eight condenser fan modules, and four supply fans in a parallel fan array arrangement provided key redundancy for all rotating equipment. Redundant assemblies keep a system running and form small and manageable modules which are quickly and easily swapped for maximum 24/7 reliability. Controls and variable speed drives on board the Innovent C-series support modulation of compressors, variable speed fans, and safety monitoring capability. Newton-Metallo leveraged application knowledge of the healthcare industry and equipment expertise to coordinate a custom critical solution to succeed.
Belmar Elementary School

Keeping the Uninvited Out of the Classroom

Newton-Metallo gained a win for classroom safety when the team found a great cooling and heating solution which evolved into an excellent IAQ opportunity in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge industries everywhere. Originally constructed in the early 1900’s, the Belmar Elementary school campus is located along the northern New Jersey east coast in the Borough of Belmar. Newton-Metallo teamed up with the mechanical contractor to provide and install fifty replacement packaged air conditioning and heating units to Belmar Elementary school. Aierdales’ Classmate all-in-one packaged unit was well suited for distributed cooling and heating for older buildings with limited HVAC infrastructure. The Classmate unit boasts a small footprint, efficient service, and quiet operation. Like many others, Belmar Elementary decision makers sought to ensure the safety of incoming students soon returning to shared classroom space. The school needed a proven solution to safely reduce the COVID-19 causing virus in the indoor air space.

Providing a Solution for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic burdened many industries with problems and Newton-Metallo was able to work with equipment manufacturers and contractors to apply new technologies and truly be part of the solution.
Harmon Cove Towers

The Challenge: Towers on Top of Towers

Harmon Cove Towers is a large multi-story condominium residence with over 550 housing units. The large brick red structure is situated overlooking the Hackensack River on the West and the Hoboken skyline to the east. At its highest, the twin peaked 26 story roof summits a height of over 300 feet! Newton-Metallo secured the opportunity to supply cooling tower equipment for this unique equipment replacement in the Secaucus township in New Jersey…creatively.

Directing Customers to the Most Valuable Option

An aging tower replacement project often warrants heavy lifting crane and boom equipment, but when faced with a 300-foot lifting requirement and a tenant population demanding minimal downtime to their conditioned space, this construction scenario bears a bigger challenge. Newton-Metallo’s experience and custom thinking resulted in the commissioning of the venerable 2,700 horsepower Sikorski S61N heavy lifting helicopter and replacement towers from Baltimore Air Coil with an advantaged design. Competitor cooling towers were specified as the basis of design when Newton-Metallo’s team first reviewed the project basis of design. However, with a working relationship with CHI Aviation and their fleet of aircraft combined with a BAC product portfolio, Newton-Metallo found the lightweight BAC PT2 cooling tower model line designed specifically to simplify rigging and lift time. The PT2 may be rigged into place in a single lift unlike other multi lift towers. The advantaged BAC design minimized significant costs created employing a heavy lift helicopter rigging team.

Installation and Equipment

Installation was led by the contractor out of West Orange, NJ began quickly and smoothly. The mechanical contractor is accustomed to heavy lift helicopter projects with various high-rise lift projects in their portfolio. The aviation and rigging teams launched 12 sets of dual tower BAC PT2 tower systems quickly and safely in only three hours’ enabling the contractor to quickly continue the install for minimal downtime. The array of hard-working BAC PT2 towers provide 17,000 GPM of cooling water for the Harmon Towers’ significant air conditioning loads. Newton-Metallo provided models with full stainless-steel corrosion resistant casing, basin, wet deck, and fan shaft which ensure numerous years of service. The BAC PT2 towers may continue reliable service in the event of required motor service since they are fitted with twin 20 horsepower fans.

Integrating Multiple Trades into One Success

Newton-Metallo has the guidance and experience to pursue valuable solutions by combining the strengths of its business partners to integrate a competitive and long-lasting solution.
Millennium Systems – Seasons 4

The Challenge

In 2016, Millennium Systems, a company known as experts in developing high tech software solutions, was in need of an HVAC expert. They  trusted Newton-Metallo’s industry experience in replacement HVAC equipment solutions – a manufacturer’s representative with a suite of highly regarded manufactured products for the HVAC industry. The Millennium Systems team resides in a large, multi-story office building headquartered in Morris County, New Jersey, in the township of Parsippany. Initially, heating and cooling was conveyed by an aging competitor 90 ton variable airflow rooftop packaged air handling unit suffering from corrosion. The client insisted on a robust replacement that included all weather cooling and heating flexibility. The challenge required the Newton-Metallo team to commission an entirely new rooftop packaged unit, one that would facilitate a fast and seamless install with no weekday downtime. A replacement air-conditioning and heating unit would have to provide 32,000 CFM with 90 tons of cooling capacity and 1.2 MBTU/hr of modulating heat accommodating variable outside air conditions. The proposed system had to fit precisely to existing curb mounts and duct openings, while matching up to electrical connections directly from the factory to meet an aggressive single weekend installation replacement schedule. After consultation with the client, Newton-Metallo found the solution in their trusted Douglasville, GA based manufacturer, Seasons 4 Engineering and Manufacturing – a maker of durable custom manufactured HVAC rooftop equipment since 1971. After careful review of the building’s needs and guided by the client interests, Newton-Metallo identified the keys to a successful solution.

Installation: Condensed and Time Critical

The existing air handling unit was the building’s only source of comfort cooling and heating. It was evident early on that Millennium’s primary need was to continue normal operation during the week with no weekday downtime. As a result of Seasons 4’s custom manufacturing capabilities, the Newton-Metallo team approached the time critical challenge with a fully customizable unit and a detailed site inspection. A custom unit guided by pre-engineering and attention to detail resulted in a properly sized ‘easy to install’ project with no delay and minimal field work.

Quality First: Durable Construction and Great Serviceability

Seasons 4 provides a durable, factory-tested, custom HVAC solution for long term resilience. Newton-Metallo arranged for a replacement rooftop system customized with features which boosted the overall quality on this retrofit project. Durable  features include: Hygienic IAQ type double sloped stainless condensate pan, condenser coil guards and storm proof louvers for resistance against wind-driven rain and snow. Also included to prevent corrosion are long lasting Electrofin coatings on condenser and cooling coils and tough exterior aluminum casing. Serviceability leads to longevity. Features such as Service lights, GFC service outlet, door access to all sections of the unit, refrigerant charging valve, replaceable core suction and liquid line filters support longevity and ease of maintenance.

Great Equipment Performance Is A Result of Control, Modulation, and Adaptability

Full control over the indoor environment requires a combination of adaptive cooling, heating, and air flow. Control over cooling is provided by six efficient single speed scroll type compressors with single digital scroll trim for maximum performance control and efficient unloading. Adaptive heating is delivered by integrated dual indirect fired furnaces with modulating gas (valves) for carefully delivered heat. Modulating air flow is powered by supply and return fans with variable frequency drives (VFDs), which provide the correct amount of air flow at the right time.

A Great Value

Seasons 4 equipment offers a customizable, factory manufactured, and factory tested ‘turn-key’ ready unit for a fast and accurate installation. As equipment specialists in the HVAC industry, we are prepared to provide what the customer needs – when they need it. Our team assists with project execution, selects the right equipment, and streamlines submittal approval and startup coordination by leveraging the relationships and experience of the Newton-Metallo team.