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All About Friedrich Vertical Packaged Air Conditioning Units

A hand on the door handle opening the door with a blurry hotel room in the background. Two air conditioning units from Friedrich are featured with the words "Vertical Packaged AC Units" at the top.

Friedrich sets the standard in vertical packaged, closet-mounted solutions for hospitality, lodging, and commercial spaces.

Meeting the Department of Energy 2023 requirements, the Vert-I-Pak “Q Series” and the VRP, provide the energy efficiency and the cost effectiveness your clients are looking for new construction or replacement projects.

Vert-I-Pak “Q Series”

NEW Vert-I-Pak® “Q series”, single package heat pumps. The Q Series includes all of the legacy features of Vert-I-Pak® that our customers have enjoyed, such as ease of installation, now combined with higher efficiencies, increased performance levels, and exciting new features.

  • On/off compressors for cooling capacity
  • Heat pump operation down to 17 degrees F
  • ¾ ton, 1 ton, 1 ½ ton, and 2 ton sizes available
Small, packaged heat pump. Vert-I-Pak Q Series from Friedrich.

VRP Packaged Air Conditioner

Tall, narrow grey packaged AC unit with the word Friedrich on the front.

The VRP, Variable Refrigerant Package Air Conditioner, A single packaged climate control solution offering the efficiencies and benefits of multiple complex HVAC systems without the complications associated with them.

  • Modulating cooling capacity 
  • Heat pump operation down to 0 degrees F
  • Dehumidification coil available
  • Ashrae 90.1 compliant Outside air ventilation fan with filtration
  • ½ ton , 1 ton , 2 ton and 3 ton models available

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Author: Newton Metallo

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