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Indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement cannot be achieved through a single solution for every building. Although ASHRAE recommends increasing filtration and outside air for existing HVAC units, motor capacity may not be able to handle increased static pressure. It is also recommended to maintain temperatures and humidification, but with increased OA, coils may not be able to provide adequate cooling.

Bipolar ionization, UV-C light, molecular filtration, and systems that increase particulate matter size, are helping in a way that traditional solutions cannot.

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Aerisa ionization technology for commercial applications is based on ions produced by an ion generator, configured either with needlepoint brush electrodes or tubes. These ion generators are mounted either inside a building’s air handler or in the supply ductwork. Highly ionized air with millions of ions (O2+ and O2–) are delivered in each cubic foot of air through the ductwork and into the treated space. Because of their charge, these ions proactively attack the contaminants at their source to vastly improve indoor air quality.



Lumalier commercial in-duct UV fixtures provide facility-wide disinfection of airborne infectious pathogens that can cause respiratory sickness, disease, and infection. Additional benefits include coil cleaning, reduced maintenance, and energy savings.

Learn about the many beneficial aspects of UV light, including its ability to neutralize pathogens.




Purafil removes harmful and unpleasant contaminants from the air with solutions that have been designed for the needs of commercial and residential spaces. Go beyond traditional particulate filtration that captures particulates like dusts and pollen with a solution that also eliminates odors, pollution, and aerosols carrying viruses, bacteria and mold.

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