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Addressing individual room-control, low-noise allottment, and space restrictions within multi-family and hospitality-focused buildings point to manufacturers who’ve dedicated their capabilities to solving these niche constrictions.

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Whispertherm® brings together Whalen’s field-proven Whisperline® or Whisperpack® products with the means to deliver freshly-conditioned outdoor air.  The Whispertherm® integrated thermal recovery unit benefits the environmentally conscious owner by efficiently introducing the outdoor air into the occupied space. Rather than directly discarding exhaust air from the occupied space, its energy is transferred to the incoming fresh air. Less energy is required to bring this fresh air to the indoor conditions.

Ideal for New Construction and Renovations – Both Low-Rise and High-Rise
True to our commitment to offer flexible products that meet the design of the building rather than forcing conformity around product limitations, the Whispertherm® unit may be applied to a variety of building designs.  When combined with Whisperline® product line, an efficient reverse cycle heat pump effectively conditions the occupied space year-round.

When combined with the Whisperpack® product line, owners benefit during the heating season by use of a hydronic heating air coil rather than reversing the refrigerant cycle. This allows for additional energy savings by turning off the compressor and diverting the condenser water to the air coil.

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VRF performance and single package simplicity, it all comes together in the Friedrich VRP. This award-winning plug & play product delivers variable-speed cooling, low ambient heating and make-up air, giving building owners and developers an industry-leading, high-tech, cost-effective alternative to the complex systems in the industry. Our VRP product line is available in 1, 2, and 3-ton capacities, as well as the all-new VRP Studio with 7,000 BTUs and a smaller footprint.

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Versatile Commercial and Residential Comfort Solutions
Cold Point Corporation is the industry-leading supplier of aftermarket comfort solutions for commercial and residential applications. Cold Point has over 20 years of experience developing OEM-style replacement products to keep you happy and comfortable.

The Adirondack-Aire Series is a heavy-duty direct replacement for older and current model series chassis. Proven technology, quality components, the latest in reliability and efficiency advances mean long unit life, user satisfaction, and lower energy costs.

Fast and Easy Replacement
The Adirondack-Aire PIC series ZerOzone vertical PTAC/PTHP offers the ease of installation, simplicity, and flexibility of a PTAC but offers major advances in quiet, comfort, and occupant satisfaction. The conventional wall thermostat control eliminates confusing buttons and dials and improves temperature control and occupant comfort. The standard manual fresh air damper introduces fresh air to the room. High efficiency compressors provide demonstrated reliability and low sound levels.

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