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Purolux HVAC Systems Filtration

Environmental suspended solids negatively impact efficiency of heat transfer in cooling towers due to airborne dirt and debris.

Airborne particulate is washed out of the airstream by the cooling tower water as it cascades down the fill. What remains in suspension is pulled into the main outlet and deposited in low flow areas in the system piping, onto the heat transfer surfaces.

Filtration along with proper water treatment is necessary to have efficient operation and extend the life of equipment.

Basin/Remote Sump Sweeping Application

  • Economical
  • Mainstream flow suspended particles are reduced
  • Can be easily retrofitted

Full Stream Application

  • Zero downtime
  • Filters flow to downstream equipment
  • Maintain heat transfer efficiencies on new and retrofit applications

Closed Loop Application

  • No spiral wound cartridges or side-stream bags to replace
  • Remove particles with consistent pressure loss and no backwash requirements

Curious to learn more about the Puroflux advanced filtration system? Reach out to your Newton-Metallo Rep today!

Author: Newton Metallo

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