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Parts and Aftermarket Sales

Either in emergencies or for proactive replacement, our quick responding aftermarket professionals continue excellent service after sale with fast, accurate, pricing and shipping of aftermarket parts and sections. Often with just a model and serial number and our access to legacy sales documentation, we can be your aftermarket source throughout the life span of your equipment.

We offer access to stocked and made to order components to support our brands, such as BAC, Airdale, Valent, Innovent, and more.

New technology upgrades and feature additions are possible with existing equipment. We offer legacy equipment kits for current technologies such as: Bipolar ionization air purification retrofits, ENDURADRIVE® ultra reliable fan systems, low sound retrofit kits, basin filtration systems, and variable speed controllers and motors.

Our full aftermarket support includes:

  • Tower fill, louvers, drift eliminators
  • Coils, heaters, and coil sections
  • IAQ components
  • Replaceable media, desiccants, and energy recovery cores
  • Fans, blowers, and belts
  • Motors, pumps, drives, and bearings
  • Platforms
  • Valves, electronics, and hardware
  • and much more

Call 732-893-8585 for parts or email Paul@newton-metallo.com or dave@newton-metallo.

Service Inspection

To request an inspect​​ion report for any equipment we represent, please send an email to Paul@newton-metallo.com.