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Your systems need to continually protect indoor air quality from outdoor pollutants, chemical presence, or disease. Because not every space has the same situation or needs, Newton-Metallo offers several options including technologies that go beyond additional filtration or increased air flow.

The result is fresh air and nothing else. So go inside for a breath of fresh air.

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Nothing is more important than the safety and wellbeing of children in our schools. K-12 schools also happen to be one of the most diverse HVAC challenges with an assorted range of spaces. 

Let our team combine our experience in the restaurant, theater, laboratory, and fitness facilities to develop a full equipment solution just for your school.

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Cooling Towers

Whether looking for heat transfer solutions in central HVAC, energy storage, datacenter, or process cooling applications, we represent BAC, which has the most complete line of cooling towers and heat transfer solutions in the industry.

Tap into our partnership for your building’s heat rejection demands.

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