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Typical K-12 school buildings require several different HVAC systems that are normally intended for restaurants, theaters, laboratories, and fitness facilities. For art and science classrooms, customized exhaust systems for kilns and science fumes are required, while 100% outside air units with energy recovery are installed in Gymnasiums and locker rooms. Grease removal and fire suppression are needed in kitchens and prep areas.

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Airedale School Systems

Airedale school systems are manufactured to meet the needs of today’s facilities. Convenient modular designs save significant time and money thanks to the accessibility of critical components and controls. Even annual filter replacement and general cleaning are a snap. Airedale units utilize the latest technology, including a microchannel evaporator coil, to maximize efficiency and operation. All Airedale SPVU equipment meets or exceeds the Department of Energy requirements for efficiency. Less background noise and fewer distractions mean more successful classrooms. Additional sound attenuating options are available for all of our packaged units. Units are offered in multiple configurations, capacity options and product footprints to handle a wide variety of specifications and CFM demands. With the R-410A refrigerant and our expanded line of water/ground source heat pump units, the systems help
schools stay in front of the environmental curve.

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Valent Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Valent offers a wide capacity range: 3–70 tons cooling and 500–18,000 cfm airflow. Valent was one of the first to specialize in high outdoor air units, which can be more challenging to design than recirculated air units. 98% on-time shipping and Valent production capacity in four locations mean lead times are short, even in high-demand seasons. Valent uses quality components and can build in numerous configurations. Casings are sturdy, easy to maintain, have multiple access doors, and are well insulated. Preconfigured control sequences, embedded web user interface, seamless interoperability, and onscreen refrigeration detail provide easy and reliable unit control.Valent offers quality components in multiple configurations, including inverter compressors, ultra-quiet condenser fans, and up to 16:1 turndown furnaces.

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Most manufacturers start with a standard off the shelf unit, selected from their catalog and then try to add components and options to make it fit the users needs. They might even send it to a “final finisher” to have modifications made in an effort to meet specifications and customer needs. Seasons 4 starts from a blank sheet of paper and designs custom built HVAC solutions to specifically meet their customer’s needs. By approaching every job in this manner, Seasons 4 ensures that every part was meant to work together and that the design is made using the most energy efficient approach possible. Seasons 4 has years of experience building Custom Built HVAC solutions and Package DX Units. We build units with the following options just to name a few: hot gas reheat, subcool reheat, energy recovery, sound attenuation, cabinet construction, low temperature DX, and much more.

Innovent – Efficient, Custom Manufacturing

With advanced manufacturing equipment at factories in Minneapolis and Sacramento, Innovent is well positioned to build the high quality, top performing air handling units you need — no matter how unique or demanding your performance and size requirements are. Our knowledgeable plant engineers and experienced craftspeople employ advanced manufacturing and assembly processes to create specialized custom units from 250 cfm to 250,000 cfm.

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Enervent, Klimor, and Greasemaster are additional manufacturers used for school system solutions.