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Water Side

Let Newton-Metallo provide your water-side solution:

  • Cooling towers
  • Chillers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Replacement Coils
  • Water filtration solutions

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The revolutionary NexusⓇ Modular Hybrid Cooler is the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play, modular hybrid fluid cooling system for HVAC and light industrial applications. Shattering what you know about traditional hybrid fluid coolers, it can automatically optimize water and energy savings while delivering the lowest installation costs, lowest operating costs, maximum uptime, lowest maintenance costs, and best water quality in a simplified, compact, and lightweight design.

Simplified System Design

  • No need for a separate heat exchanger or controls
  • Reduced water treatment requirements, with no sweeper piping and side-stream filtration required
  • Compact design for constrained spaces, including indoors
    *Percentage comparisons based on the Nexus Cooler vs. traditional centrifugal fan fluid coolers.

Download the Nexus Modular Hybrid Cooler Brochure


Puroflux standard filtration products can be applied to a variety of conditions for the removal of suspended particulate. Custom systems can be engineered to meet specific requirements, including the use of different filter media to enhance filtration.

Permanent Media Filtration
Permanent media filtration has a distinct advantage over disposable bags, cartridges or hydrocyclone separators. Permanent media filtration is a positive filtering media that is easily backwashed for cleaning. Puroflux filters utilize the finest media. This media can be used individually or combined to optimize filtration efficiency. Puroflux standard media physically removes particulate 10 micron and smaller.

Filtration Cycle
Influent1 is directed through a series of valves into the overdrain of the filter, where it is evenly distributed over the filtration media. It is then forced down through the media bed where the suspended particulate is trapped in the voids formed between the media. The clean effluent2 then passes through the underdrain and is returned to the original source. As the voids in the media are filled, the filter will start to blind off. When the maximum differential pressure is reached, the filter will require a backwash.

Download the Puroflux Permanent Filter Brochure


Unlike other chemical and physical water treatment systems on the market, Flow-Tech Systems has invented a proprietary method of

treating all of the water throughout your plumbing system, whether the water is moving or not. The system generates a weak AC current – this electrical field is conducted into the water loop header and throughout the piping network to form homogeneous calcium seed crystals that simply remain in suspension. These suspended seed crystals will eventually settle out or pass through the system without adhering to the heated surfaces. Flow-Tech is the only system on the market that maintains measurable signal strength throughout your entire plumbing system, regardless of flow.

Scale Control
Flow-Tech relies on the basic concept of thermodynamic equilibrium of a process to control the deposit of scale. When the water in the process fluid is in a supersaturated state, normal thermodynamic conditions such as pressure drop and temperature changes can cause precipitation to occur.

This effect is generally localized in the system and, over a period of time, the constant precipitation of the solute (scale) builds and causes inefficiencies in the system. In the presence of Flow-Tech’s technology, the precipitation process (formation of nucleation sites) is activated independent of the thermodynamic conditions throughout the system.

This event allows billions of small nucleation sites to form throughout the system. When super saturation occurs, these sites precipitate and form homogenous clusters that remain in suspension and do not attach to surfaces.

Tranter, Motivair, Precision Coils, and Kelvion are manufacturers we utilize for water side requirements.