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Lennox VRF

Lennox VRF®  is a flexible, versatile solution that is ideal for a wide range of structures and industries.


Allows guests to sleep peacefully by enjoying the lower sound levels and better temperature control made possible by Lennox VRF® .


Non-ducted indoor units help prevent cross contamination, while ducted units with industry-leading static pressure meet HEPA filtration needs.


Lets every office and common area enjoy its own individual temperature control for better comfort and zoning.


Eliminates temperature swings, yet still reacts to the changing heating and cooling demands throughout a typical sales day.


Creates a more effective learning environment by providing low sound levels, better temperature control and energy efficiency that saves budget dollars.

Multi-Family Structures

Provides a high-efficiency, low maintenance comfort solution that appeals to residents, while service-friendly equipment makes life simple for management.


Gives diners and kitchen staff greater comfort through part-load operation, even with the diverse loading conditions a restaurant experiences during a typical day.

Key Features

  • Lennox Engineered Product Design
  • Best in class Simultaneous Heat and Cool Efficiency
  • Serviceability – Hinged access doors
  • Service Tool standard with EVERY 3 phase condensing unit
  • Heat Recovery/Heat pump/Mini VRF
  • Condensing units can be ducted
  • AHU/Gas Furnace kit for Multi Family VRF
  • 100% OA indoor units available
  • Ceiling and Floor mounted consoles available
  • 2-12 port boxes available
  • Lennox VRF features – hinged doors and integrated controls – see video below

Hinged Access Doors

Lennox VRF features – hinged doors and integrated controls from Trumbull Campbell Associates on Vimeo.