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Valent Offers Acoustically Optimized DOAS Designs

Addressing acoustic considerations in dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) during design is more effective than dealing with sound issues later. Incorporating low sound components helps reduce overall sound levels.

Valent DOAS units have the following low sound component options:

Valent DOAS units have the option to install inverter compressors for improved sound levels. At part load, inverter compressors modulate, decreasing speed to achieve the required conditions. Not only is this more efficient than digital compressors, but it also results in decreased sound levels.

Listen to a COMPETITOR’S Digital Compressor.

Digital compressors can have increased sound levels at partial loads.

Digital compressors engage and disengage the scroll in the compressor to maintain conditions. On a part load day, this can cause increased sound levels compared to an inverter compressor.

Mounted on top of the unit’s exterior, condenser fans can be a major source of sound for roof-mounted HVAC equipment.

The swept blade condenser fan design option in Valent units have noticeably quieter operation compared to standard paddle fans.

Direct drive plenum fans can modulate, which reduces sound levels when full airflow is not required. As a result, these fans are quieter and easier to control than belt-driven fans.

  • Insulation – injected-foam insulation minimizes leakage and sound.
  • Refrigerant Circuit Design – single circuit designs using only one compressor may be quieter than a multi-circuit design.
  • Compressor Mounting – less sound will be radiated if the compressors are mounted off the floor.
  • Fan Mounting – the location of motor isolators impacts sound and vibration.

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