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“Our mission is to loyally represent and add value to the finest manufacturers of HVAC equipment. It will be realized by earning long lasting business relationships through our professional service, which includes responsiveness, experience, competence, and team commitment.”

Newton-Metallo LLC values lasting relationships with our customers and established HVAC manufacturers as a standout HVAC Manufacturer’s Representative. Newton-Metallo’s exceptional local reputation is a result of passionate service and experience to deliver the solution in engineered product solutions.

Continuing the excellent long-term success and reputation of Newton-Metallo (incorporated since 1980) Newton-Metallo LLC was established in 2013 by Paul Giacalone, Pavan Mehta, and Kevin Relovsky who continue to apply their experience in the HVAC equipment industry. Over the years, our team has encountered many different projects, applications, and technologies – which helps us to continue to accumulate valuable experience.

You can put our disciplined team to work reviewing and generating specifications, conducting site visits, and selecting equipment with accuracy and accountability. Our team of experienced engineers are a ready-resource to support you where we specialize. Our local 24/7 support and service cover the New Jersey and New York vicinity with a diverse combination of ‘airside’ and ‘waterside’ expertise. Newton-Metallo LLC is poised to be your single source partner in executing your next challenge.

Critical details matter when reputations are at stake. Let us partner with your team to professionally execute the solution to meet your challenge. With a partner in Newton-Metallo you get an experienced and accomplished partner ready to get to work.