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Millennium Systems – Seasons 4

The Challenge

In 2016, Millennium Systems, a company known as experts in developing high tech software solutions, was in need of an HVAC expert. They  trusted Newton-Metallo’s industry experience in replacement HVAC equipment solutions – a manufacturer’s representative with a suite of highly regarded manufactured products for the HVAC industry. The Millennium Systems team resides in a large, multi-story office building headquartered in Morris County, New Jersey, in the township of Parsippany. Initially, heating and cooling was conveyed by an aging competitor 90 ton variable airflow rooftop packaged air handling unit suffering from corrosion. The client insisted on a robust replacement that included all weather cooling and heating flexibility.

The challenge required the Newton-Metallo team to commission an entirely new rooftop packaged unit, one that would facilitate a fast and seamless install with no weekday downtime. A replacement air-conditioning and heating unit would have to provide 32,000 CFM with 90 tons of cooling capacity and 1.2 MBTU/hr of modulating heat accommodating variable outside air conditions. The proposed system had to fit precisely to existing curb mounts and duct openings, while matching up to electrical connections directly from the factory to meet an aggressive single weekend installation replacement schedule. After consultation with the client, Newton-Metallo found the solution in their trusted Douglasville, GA based manufacturer, Seasons 4 Engineering and Manufacturing – a maker of durable custom manufactured HVAC rooftop equipment since 1971. After careful review of the building’s needs and guided by the client interests, Newton-Metallo identified the keys to a successful solution.

Installation: Condensed and Time Critical

The existing air handling unit was the building’s only source of comfort cooling and heating. It was evident early on that Millennium’s primary need was to continue normal operation during the week with no weekday downtime. As a result of Seasons 4’s custom manufacturing capabilities, the Newton-Metallo team approached the time critical challenge with a fully customizable unit and a detailed site inspection. A custom unit guided by pre-engineering and attention to detail resulted in a properly sized ‘easy to install’ project with no delay and minimal field work.

Quality First: Durable Construction and Great Serviceability

Seasons 4 provides a durable, factory-tested, custom HVAC solution for long term resilience. Newton-Metallo arranged for a replacement rooftop system customized with features which boosted the overall quality on this retrofit project. Durable

 features include: Hygienic IAQ type double sloped stainless condensate pan, condenser coil guards and storm proof louvers for resistance against wind-driven rain and snow. Also included to prevent corrosion are long lasting Electrofin coatings on condenser and cooling coils and tough exterior aluminum casing. Serviceability leads to longevity. Features such as Service lights, GFC service outlet, door access to all sections of the unit, refrigerant charging valve, replaceable core suction and liquid line filters support longevity and ease of maintenance.

Great Equipment Performance Is A Result of Control, Modulation, and Adaptability

Full control over the indoor environment requires a combination of adaptive cooling, heating, and air flow. Control over cooling is provided by six efficient single speed scroll type compressors with single digital scroll trim for maximum performance control and efficient unloading. Adaptive heating is delivered by integrated dual indirect fired furnaces with modulating gas (valves) for carefully delivered heat. Modulating air flow is powered by supply and return fans with variable frequency drives (VFDs), which provide the correct amount of air flow at the right time.

A Great Value

Seasons 4 equipment offers a customizable, factory manufactured, and factory tested ‘turn-key’ ready unit for a fast and accurate installation. As equipment specialists in the HVAC industry, we are prepared to provide what the customer needs – when they need it. Our team assists with project execution, selects the right equipment, and streamlines submittal approval and startup coordination by leveraging the relationships and experience of the Newton-Metallo team.

Author: Newton Metallo

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