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Piscataway, NJ Towers

A 300,000 Square-Foot IT Support Warehouse

SHI International provides commercial computer infrastructure components and equipment deployment logistic services to the commercial Internet Technologies industry. This fast-growing company commissioned the detailed design of their brand-new Knox Warehouse and Integration facility in late 2018, located in the Piscataway Township in New Jersey. The 300,000 square-foot facility was planned to feature a circulated chilled water HVAC system with two 600 Ton water-cooled chillers cooled by roof mounted cooling towers.


Engineer Driven Design

Newton-Metallo supports engineering firms in the pre-design process. Pre-engineered plan and specified projects require manufacturer’s technical information, written equipment specifications, budget costing, and recommendations. Newton-Metallo aligns with specifying engineers intending to specify high-quality HVAC equipment.

Newton Metallo worked with the engineer to specify two 1,655 GPM BAC 3000 series cooling towers for the SHI Knox project. Armed with in-depth product knowledge, Newton-Metallo’s team examined necessary on-site conditions and restrictions and maintained flexibility to meet or exceed specific design criteria. As is typical and welcome to all specifying design efforts, review of multiple product options and design criteria was required to provide the best solution for the project.

80 Years of HVAC Experience and Specialization

For more than 80 years, BAC out of Baltimore, MD has been leading the HVAC industry in cooling tower solutions. As a thought leader in manufacturing, BAC is often first to market with innovations to increase reliability, efficiency, or ease of maintenance. The SHI International project proved again that quality and durability of BAC cooling tower products is key to Newton-Metallo’s continuing tower project success.

BAC 3000 Series Cooling Towers are Still “Built Like They Used To”

The primary demand from the customer was durable construction and the BAC 3000 series with the Evertough Construction cross flow style tower has it. Newton-Metallo selected the use of BAC’s exclusive Evertough protective system to enhance corrosion resistance to the 3000 series tower. Evertough is a smart stainless-steel alternative combining three innovations which results in a corrosion resistant build for less cost than stainless steel. Evertough enhanced cooling towers boast a manufacturer backed the comprehensive 5-year “Lover-to-Louver” warranty.

At the heart of the Evertough system is BAC’s Triarmor fused multi-layer cold-water basin treatment and 5-year basin leak and corrosion warranty. Protecting the hardest working part of the cooling tower, the thick protective coating is a thermosetting hybrid polymer electrostatically applied to G235 mill galvanized basin surfaces and structural members in a four-step bonding process with twenty-three points of quality control.

Protruded fiber reinforced polyester (PFRP) materials make up Evertough hot water basins, panels, and louvers. Lightweight PFRP will not corrode and has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemical and atmospheric contaminants. Evertough structural steel components are constructed from G-235 hot-dip galvanized steel protected by a thermosetting hybrid polymer.

Our Experience Matters

After specification and design efforts were complete, Newton-Metallo provided smooth continuation of installation support.As equipment specialists in the HVAC industry, we are prepared to provide quality engineering support to specifying engineers. Our team’s experience will guide equipment selection toward a targeted solution by leveraging the long-standing experience of Newton-Metallo and our manufacturing specialties.


Author: Newton Metallo

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