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St. Claire’s Hospital

A Need for Upgraded Infrastructure in Healthcare

St. Claire’s Health is an award-winning provider of high-quality health care, serving the communities of the Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties of New Jersey. The St. Claire’s Health care complex in Dover New Jersey offers full hospitalization, surgical, and intensive care. At the heart of the hospital’s indoor air quality is an aging packaged, rooftop make-up air unit, and the hospital’s single source of filtered and conditioned fresh air for the complex.

Custom Critical Installation Requires Surgical Precision

The Newton-Metallo team often serves the healthcare industry and understands the specific demands of hospital projects. Healthcare is a 24/7 industry with demand for low energy usage and impeccable reliability. Hospital projects frequently occur with critical and condensed installation expectations. The project at St. Claire’s Hospital had these potential challenges compounded by the existence of only a single RMAU.

Newton-Metallo’s coordination with the consulting engineer assured an accurate site survey and submittal approval for the replacement. High expectations for minimum downtime required accurate regard for unit size and shape. The supply duct connections and electrical service locations were matched with ‘surgical precision’ resulting in a quick and direct installation process.

Bespoke Design, Reliability, and Precise Control

The Newton-Metallo team and the mechanical contractor provided and installed a custom 100% outside air solution from Innovent Air Handling Equipment. Innovent is a built-to-order manufacturer of custom, cost-effective, and long-lasting outdoor air systems manufactured in Minneapolis, MN or McClellan Park, CA. The Innovent custom C-series air system permits unlimited flexibility of design.
The 23,300 CFM, 150 Ton packaged air system shipped complete with air-cooled condensing, heating, cooling, fan array, and filtration sections integrated into a single 36 foot fully welded steel base. Providing heating control and coil protection, the unit came with an integral face and bypass steam coil. Air temperature is controlled by the modulating coil dampers while full steam pressure is maintained in the coil at all times.

Meeting the indoor air quality needs of the hospital, Merv 13, twelve-inch, front-loading, final filters completed the unit. The C-series unit was customized with ultra-quiet condenser fan modules reducing unwanted outdoor noise.

Four twin banks of reliable hermetic digital scroll compressors, eight condenser fan modules, and four supply fans in a parallel fan array arrangement provided key redundancy for all rotating equipment. Redundant assemblies keep a system running and form small and manageable modules which are quickly and easily swapped for maximum 24/7 reliability.
Controls and variable speed drives on board the Innovent C-series support modulation of compressors, variable speed fans, and safety monitoring capability.

Newton-Metallo leveraged application knowledge of the healthcare industry and equipment expertise to coordinate a custom critical solution to succeed.

Author: Newton Metallo

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