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Harmon Cove Towers

The Challenge: Towers on Top of Towers

Harmon Cove Towers is a large multi-story condominium residence with over 550 housing units. The large brick red structure is situated overlooking the Hackensack River on the West and the Hoboken skyline to the east. At its highest, the twin peaked 26 story roof summits a height of over 300 feet! Newton-Metallo secured the opportunity to supply cooling tower equipment for this unique equipment replacement in the Secaucus township in New Jersey…creatively.

Directing Customers to the Most Valuable Option

An aging tower replacement project often warrants heavy lifting crane and boom equipment, but when faced with a 300-foot lifting requirement and a tenant population demanding minimal downtime to their conditioned space, this construction scenario bears a bigger challenge. Newton-Metallo’s experience and custom thinking resulted in the commissioning of the venerable 2,700 horsepower Sikorski S61N heavy lifting helicopter and replacement towers from Baltimore Air Coil with an advantaged design.

Competitor cooling towers were specified as the basis of design when Newton-Metallo’s team first reviewed the project basis of design. However, with a working relationship with CHI Aviation and their fleet of aircraft combined with a BAC product portfolio, Newton-Metallo found the lightweight BAC PT2 cooling tower model line designed specifically to simplify rigging and lift time. The PT2 may be rigged into place in a single lift unlike other multi lift towers. The advantaged BAC design minimized significant costs created employing a heavy lift helicopter rigging team.

Installation and Equipment

Installation was led by the contractor out of West Orange, NJ began quickly and smoothly. The mechanical contractor is accustomed to heavy lift helicopter projects with various high-rise lift projects in their portfolio. The aviation and rigging teams launched 12 sets of dual tower BAC PT2 tower systems quickly and safely in only three hours’ enabling the contractor to quickly continue the install for minimal downtime.
The array of hard-working BAC PT2 towers provide 17,000 GPM of cooling water for the Harmon Towers’ significant air conditioning loads. Newton-Metallo provided models with full stainless-steel corrosion resistant casing, basin, wet deck, and fan shaft which ensure numerous years of service. The BAC PT2 towers may continue reliable service in the event of required motor service since they are fitted with twin 20 horsepower fans.

Integrating Multiple Trades into One Success

Newton-Metallo has the guidance and experience to pursue valuable solutions by combining the strengths of its business partners to integrate a competitive and long-lasting solution.

Author: Newton Metallo

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