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When You Think Valent, Think Outdoor Air Experts

When you think Valent, think outdoor air experts. Valent was one of the first to specialize in high outdoor air units, which can be more challenging to design than recirculated air units.

Energy recovery is important when conditioning large amounts of very cold, very warm, or humid outdoor air.

It starts with designing a robust cabinet that keeps treated air in and untreated air out. Valent’s injected foam panels, floors, doors and roof provide many benefits including increased efficiency.

With a wide range of cooling, heating, controls and build material options to choose from, Valent DOAS can condition up to 100% outside air while also supporting a number of energy recovery technologies, making itself a great ventilation unit that adds an extra layer of energy efficiency to your building’s HVAC system.

Which Type of Energy Recovery to Select?

More than 50% of Valent units ordered include some type of energy recovery. Choosing whether to use an enthalpy wheel or enthalpy core, comes down to the details required on the project and the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment. We’ll break it down here.

Enthalpy Core

If low maintenance is the priority, choose enthalpy core heat exchangers, which have no moving parts.

If IAQ is the priority, choose enthalpy core heat exchangers, which allow almost no leakage across airstreams.

Enthalpy Wheel

If energy efficiency is the priority, choose enthalpy wheels, which are the most efficient.

If a lower static pressure drop is a necessity, choose enthalpy wheels which has the smallest of the two options.

Author: Newton Metallo

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