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Valent VXC DOAS – Providing Classrooms with the Conditioned Outside Air Needed

Studies have shown that in classrooms with higher outdoor ventilation rates, students perform better and there is a decrease of “sick building syndrome” symptoms among students.

Valent VXC provides this much needed outside air along with energy recovery to ensure manageable operating costs. The enthalpy core utilizes the conditioned exhaust air to pretreat the outside air which decreases the energy necessary to cool or heat the air to required room temperatures.

Another consideration of supplying 100% OA, is the humidity load. Most traditional air handling systems cannot handle such high latent loads over a wide range of ambient conditions.

Valent DOAS units have the option of fully dedicated dehumidification control for both full-load and part load conditions providing the desired humidity and temperature conditions for the space at all times.

Benefits of the Enthalpy Core

  • Latent and sensible recovery with the polymer core up to 65% effective.
  • Low maintenance due to no moving parts.
  • Almost no leakage across airstreams which allows optimal IAQ.

Author: Newton Metallo

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