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Schools are looking for ONE solution to meet two sets of requirements.

Even though indoor air quality (IAQ) is top-of-mind for schools, the desire to accomplish this while operating efficiently has not gone away. Great News! Your client doesn’t have to choose just one or the other. Our go-to units for school rooms are the Airedale ClassMate® Single Package Air Conditioning & Heating Pump Unit and the Varsity® Under the Window Ventilator. These units now have bipolar ionization kits available for field installation providing an energy efficient way to improve IAQ and bring peace of mind to students and teachers alike.

Energy Efficiency with the Classmate®

The ClassMate® comes standard with modulating economizer damper providing 100% free-cooling and minimum fresh air requirements. While this decreases energy consumption, the ClassMate® also has an option for an energy recovery wheel to reclaim energy already invested in the air conditioning of the school. Another option providing great benefit in the classroom is the STUDY Package. With this ultra-quiet acoustical package, the unit achieves the highest standard of noise reduction in the classroom.

Energy Efficiency with the Varsity®

Airedale Varsity® Under the Window Ventilator comes standard with a full economizer mode that allows the use of free outside air cooling during favorable seasons. The unit is provided with Modine Control System designed for maximum efficiency and operation.

Author: Newton Metallo

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