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Now providing split system unit ventilators with modulating cooling!

Just when you thought a classroom could only have single or two-stage cooling, Newton-Metallo is now providing split system unit ventilators with modulating cooling!!

Partnering the made-for-schools Airedale by Modine Varsity® Unit Ventilator with the recently released Lennox VRF REAL™, this combo provides classrooms with the capability to have unlimited control!

Benefits include:

  • Split system units with modulating cooling capacity.
  • Inverter compressor.
  • NO distributor boxes needed. Piping is directly tied in from condensing unit to Unit ventilator.
  • Capacity from 1 to 5 tons.
  • Open control platform, any control system can be used.
  • Variable speed condensing unit 40-50% cheaper then conventional 2-stage condensing unit.
  • No more RAWAL valves needed.

Surviving Extreme Heat in K–12 School Facilities

Extreme heat is becoming more and more of a problem during the early and late weeks of the school year. According to NBC News, dozens of schools in cities across the country had to shut down or revert to remote learning in August 2022 because of the hot weather and improper air conditioning. Much didn’t change at the end of the school year as the late-spring heat wave forced schools in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Great Lakes regions to do the same thing in early June, according to The Washington Post.

In many cases, aging and outdated HVAC units were not designed to deal with increasing temperatures from climate change and are not capable of the ventilation rates now prescribed to maintain proper indoor air quality and mitigate the risk of infectious disease spread. “The average school building is 50 years old,” said Mike Pickens, the executive director of the National Council of School Facilities in an interview with EducationWeek. “Forty-one percent of schools in our country need their HVAC system updated or replaced.”

Author: Newton Metallo

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