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Motivair Cooling Solutions – Our Business is Cooling Yours

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and Motivair is uniquely positioned to support its continued evolution. Their wide range of products is focused on providing customized cooling solutions for the critical infrastructure and technology behind the world’s leading businesses, allowing them to offer better products and services while generating higher revenues and profits for their investors.

Modular Low Ambient Air Source Heat Pump
18-30 tons

The Motivair MHP-LA is a modular Air to Water Heat Pump chiller that has been optimized for clients requiring reliable year-round heating. This unique design can offer up to 110°F hot water when winter ambient temperatures fall to 5°F.

Although revolutionary, this product is simple and reliable to both heat and cool buildings. Ideal for 2-pipe systems, the MHP-LA modules span from 18-30 tons and can be paired together achieve a total capacity of 240 tons with a single power connection.

  • Offers up to 110°F hot water when winter ambient temperatures fall to 5°F.
  • Expandable up to 8 modules (240 tons total)
  • Scalable, flexible, compact single point power

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Medical Chillers – 1-30 tons

Motivair’s Medical Chiller range operates in unison with the world’s largest MRI, Linear Accelerator and CT scanner manufacturers. Capacities from 1 Ton to 30 Tons with a wide range of customer selected options ensures critical medical equipment is online and operational when it’s needed most.

  • Designed to meet specific medical equipment thermal requirements
  • Air Cooled & Water-Cooled condenser options
  • Integrated storage tank and available hot gas injection feature ensures close temperature control
  • Wide range of operating conditions for global deploy
  • Robust design for maximum uptime

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Centricor Chillers – 60-350 Tons

The Motivair MLT chiller range features the world-renowned Turbocor centrifugal compressor. Designed with aerospace technology, the Turbocor compressor offers unparalleled performance in efficiency, sound level and reliability.

With energy usage between 30%-50% less than traditional compressors, the Turbocor option creates new opportunities for ultra high efficiency chiller designs from Motivair.

  • Featuring Magnetic Centrifugal Compressor Technology
  • Oil-Free Magnetic Bearings
  • Variable Frequency Drive Speed Control
  • Integrated Electronic Package
  • Low Noise

Download the Motivair Centricor Chillers Brochure

Author: Newton Metallo

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