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Lead times got you down? Mission Critical Applications Can’t Wait!

Are lead times putting a kink in your mission critical project? Need a quick turnaround? 

Above Air Technologies units currently have lead times that are 1/2 the time than the competition.  

Have a wide range of requirements?

AboveAir units have the flexibility your project needs.

  • Ceiling or floor mounted packaged units for data center designs
  • Flexible tenant fit out design with over 50 different air patterns for indoor units
  • Horizontal mini split units available
  • Rooftop units from 3 to 72 tons with optional energy recovery.
  • 1-5 ton wall cassette units with hot gas reheat and steam humidifiers
  • 100% outside air indoor units, both horizontal and vertical, up to 30 tons
  • Comfort cooling – replacement water source heat pumps horizontal/vertical are available.

ALL units are built in Maryland and completely factory tested, even packaged and split systems.  

Mission Critical Equipment

WC™ – Wall-Cassette Mounted Precision A/C’s (From 1 to 5-Tons)

AboveAir WC™ wall-cassette mounted A/C’s provide a precision high sensible cooling and valuable floor space saving solution for small computer rooms, network closets, IDF/MDF rooms, UPS & battery rooms and equipment control rooms. 

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MC™ – Vertical Floor Mounted Precision A/C’s (From 1 to 50-Tons)

Above Air MC™ vertical floor mounted A/C’s provide reliable 7×24 indoor perimeter precision cooling solution for today’s mission critical cooling needs, such as, data centers, network closets, and equipment control rooms. Featuring the industry’s most compact 24”x24” footprint system.

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FC™ – Floor Console Mounted Precision A/C’s (From 1 to 5-Tons)

AboveAir FC™ floor console / wall mounted A/C’s provide a compact footprint precision cooling control solution for small computer rooms, network closets, IDF/MDF rooms, and equipment control rooms. Available in a wide variety of cooling methods and cabinet configurations including… 

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Author: Newton Metallo

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