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Get Accustomed to Choosing Valent Air Semi-Custom Packaged Rooftop Units.

Valent designs and manufactures dedicated outdoor air handling units that require robust cabinets and components to effectively condition 100% outdoor air — on the coldest winter day or the most humid summer day.

Efficient manufacturing allows Valent to provide affordable products while raising the bar on quality.

  • 2” double walled construction with R13 insulation
  • Direct drive fans with VFD’s are standard (no belts)
  • Modulating cooling utilizing inverter and digital compressors.
  • Ultra-low noise condenser fans for sensitive outdoor radiated sound projects.
  • Horizontal Supply discharge and Horizontal return intake available.  Eliminates extended height roof curbs.
  • Filtration – up to MERV 14 available, bi polar ionization and UV lights available

Enthalpy Wheels

  • Latent and sensible recovery
  • Most efficient
  • AHRI 1060 certified

Valent’s rotating enthalpy wheels recover up to 70% of return-air energy and slide out for easy access.

Enthalpic Plate

  • Latent and sensible recovery
  • No moving parts
  • Water-washable

Valent’s enthalpic plate heat exchangers have minimal maintenance requirements, and exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) of less than 1%.

Sensible Plate

  • Sensible energy recovery
  • No moving parts
  • All-aluminum construction

Valent’s sensible plate heat exchangers allow minimal cross-air leakage, have a low pressure drop, and are easily cleanable.


Author: Newton Metallo

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