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Friedrich FreshAire® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

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More and more owners and operators have discovered that Friedrich’s line of PTACs deliver extremely low sound levels and excellent energy efficiency, with innovations that set new standards for product performance, reliability, and resident comfort.

FreshAire® PTAC is not just best in class, it’s in a class of its own.

A two-column table/chart listing differences between traditional PTAC and Freshair Inverter PTAC
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Patented technology uses the inverter compressor and main cooling system to optimize temperature and humidity level of incoming air.



Emory University wanted to install air conditioning equipment that would provide better air quality and better humidity control in the university’s Clifton Tower dormitory. Proficient Engineering, the firm that designed the HVAC system for Clifton Tower, chose Friedrich Air Conditioning’s FreshAire® PTAC for the unit’s capability to deliver up to 52 CFM of fresh, cool, pre-filtered, non humid air into the room.

And because the PTAC units employ inverter-driven technology with variable-speed refrigerant systems, fresh air is continually distributed into the space. Outdoor air ventilation for each dorm room was brought in directly through the Friedrich PTACs.

Download the Emory University Case Study

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Author: Newton Metallo

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