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Couldn’t ask for better Cooling Tower features.

Do you have a project that has a compact footprint?

Concerned about maintenance cost?

The Series 1500 Cooling Tower is the best solution for these types of applications as the single side air inlet design allows it to fit into tight spaces. Direct access to all major components is provided from the interior of the unit and requires 26% less annual costs than comparable units.

Series 1500 Cooling Tower


  • Up to 747 tons
  • Single air intake allows for reduced clearance requirement, can fit in tighter spaces.
  • Multiple independent fans available.
  • Excellent sound ratings.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Single piece lift for all models.

EVERTOUGH™ Construction combines a number of BAC’s innovative corrosion protection features in a single cost-effective package.

  • TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System
  • Corrosion Resistant Distribution System
  • Thermosetting Hybrid Polymer

Units with EVERTOUGH™ Construction include the following warranties:

  • 5 years on equipment
  • 10 years on TriArmor® System basin
  • 1 year on coils (if applicable)

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Author: Newton Metallo

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