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Accubloc Energy Recovery by Innovent

Unlike an enthalpy wheel that rotates between two separated airstreams, Accubloc’s heat exchanger modules are fixed in place. Energy transfer occurs by controlling return and outdoor airflows through two banks of fast-acting, two-position dampers. Every 20 seconds the dampers open or close causing airstreams to shift, charging and discharging energy between the return and outdoor air.

Features and Benefits:

  • Customizable face width and height to meet any job specific footprint requirement.
  • Industrial-grade dampers and actuators for years of reliable operation.
  • Lowers humidification requirements in winter by recapturing moisture that condenses in the heat-exchange media.




Energy Recovery Unit

Match the right energy recovery technology to the efficiency, maintenance, and indoor air quality needs of the building. Innovent offers the most options on the market.

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Natatorium Units

Dehumidify and ventilate pool and waterpark spaces using high amounts of fresh outdoor air for improved indoor air quality.

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Desiccant Dehumidification

For spaces that need to be maintained at low humidity and tight tolerances beyond the capabilities of typical air handling equipment, count on Innovent’s desiccant units.

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Author: Newton Metallo

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